The Obligatory Introduction

Sarah James is a twenty-something Graphic Designer currently working at Wise & Hammer in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

She has created a wide range of work over the years; including branding, print work, packaging, 3D textures, as well as creative for research projects and exhibitions, just to name a few.

So, Here’s the Story

Her love of computer geekery came at an early age. She began creating websites in Expage when she was 12, teaching herself the basics of HTML, which lead to her first endeavours with Photoshop. Her creative curiosities continued in high school, where she was lucky enough to be one of the last students to take a film photography class and have access to a darkroom.

Attending college for graphic design was a natural choice. She quickly took to the Mac platform and running a small Heidelberg offset press came naturally to her. The introduction of screen printing appealed to her budding interest in kinesthetic mechanical processes and eventually influenced her choice to attend art school.

Her formal education in the visual arts and art history greatly influences her design techniques, while photography, design, and screen printing – all mechanical practices – influences her confrontational artistic practice.

She holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Art & Art History from the University of Toronto, an advanced diploma in Art & Art History from Sheridan College, and a diploma in Graphic Design.

So, what does all of this rhetoric mean? Simply, she loves what she does.

Oh, and one of her first words was Monet. Seriously.